AM Routine Detox: Morning Showers

Time for part 2 in our series on how to clean up your morning routine with more eco-friendly products and practices. I think this is a powerful place to start when dipping your toe into the zero waste movement, because the way you start your day tends to inform how you spend the rest of it, right? So here are my thoughts on how you can take turn this beautiful morning ritual into a step toward more sustainable living:

  1. Take a moment for gratitude. Before you do anything else, take a few breaths every morning when you’re standing under that deliciously warm stream of water to think of all the things you’re grateful for - access to clean water, the feeling of warm water and steam on your skin, a roof over your head, the potential of a brand new day, etc. Being grateful for what you have can keep us from being in a mindset of lack that will often lead to unnecessary consumerism.

  2. Take a slightly shorter shower. Once you’ve had your moment of gratitude, it’s time to get down to business. Try working towards minimizing the time you spend in the shower to conserve water (especially when you live in a drought-prone part of the country). Make it a competition with yourself! Time how long it normally takes you, then work toward shaving at least a minute off each time.

  3. Use package-free shower and conditioner bars. This one is new for me! After stressing about the plastic packaging for my various toiletries, I started to research alternatives and found these great shower and conditioner bars from Ethique. I have thick, normal hair and got the PInkalicious Shampoo Bar and I LOVE it! It actually makes it much easier to get an even shampoo spread throughout your hair (no easy feat…I have a LOT of hair). I didn’t get a conditioner bar yet because I have post-shower spray-in conditioner still that I want to use up before I get anything new.

  4. Swap your plastic razor for a badass stainless steel razor. Again, don’t throw the plastic one away until it’s truly no longer usable (we’re reducing consumption here), but when it’s time for a new shave tool I definitely recommend The Basic Safety Razor from Albatross. Not only does it look way cooler, it works like a charm! And replacement blades are just 15 cents each when you’re ready for them.

  5. Make a DIY face cleanser with Manuka honey + lemon. This one is great for those pressed for time in the morning, because you can kill two birds with one stone! Wake up and fix yourself a mug of warm water with a little Manuka honey and juice of half a lemon. Then scoop another 1/2 teaspoon of Manuka honey onto the spent lemon half, and rub it all over your face before you jump in the shower (doing it before also = shorter shower). Might sound funny, but I swear my skin never looked better. Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties (look for bottles with a bio active factor of 20+ or more) and also works well as a healing balm for cuts, scrapes or new acne scars. Meanwhile lemons are full of skin-nourishing Vitamin C and act as a natural exfoliant. One note, if you’re planning to spend the day in the sun, avoid using the lemon as it can make skin more sensitive to UV light.