5 Reusable Water Bottles That Give Back

For a long time I didn’t think much about buying a single-use, plastic bottle of water besides that it was the healthiest beverage choice to go with the to-go lunch I was bringing back to my desk. Then, as I started to hear more about the devastating impact of single-use plastic on our environment - particularly our beautiful oceans - a little piece of me died every time I bought one. I would re-use these plastic bottles within an inch of their life to try and make myself feel better (it didn’t work).

Even after I stopped buying new bottles, I would run a 5k or attend a client’s wellness event only to end up with one or two of the FREE plastic bottles they handed out. Ultimately, the plastic water bottle, for me, was the thing that made me realize how pervasive and insidious single-use plastic is in our culture. At the start of 2019 I committed to reusable bottles and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s hot (and humid, in Ohio) as hell outside. If you’re feeling a similar call to action as you seek hydration this summer, I’ve gathered my favorite reusable water bottles that not only work to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics, but give back to our world and our environment with every purchase:

  • Simple Modern - I’m a bit loyal to this brand, as this is the bottle that started me on my reusable commitment. They come in so many beautiful colors and patterns and will keep your beverage cold on the hottest of days (or hot on the coldest, in the case of their reusable coffee cups).

    GIVE BACK STORY: Simple Modern is committed to donating a minimum of 10 percent of profits each year to helping others. In addition, they work to ensure their manufacturing process is as sustainable as possible - using fully recyclable materials for product packaging and encouraging customers to send any defective products back to them to be recycled.

  • Live Vessel Honey Bee Travel Mug - For my friends with bougier taste, this travel mug made with 18K gold will keep you in style while ensuring your beverage remains cold or hot for hours, and proceeds from every purchase help save the bees via the Honeybee Conservancy.

    GIVE BACK STORY: Live Vessel is an amazing ecofriendly, sustainable and fair trade market place for handmade products and works to give back to organizations like the Honeybee Conservancy as well as The Ocean Cleanup.

  • Soma Glass Water Bottle - I first received a Soma Bottle as a branded hand-out we created for a client event. The shatter-proof glass bottles have a sleek design featuring grip-able silicone sleeves in a range of colors - including a Soma X Parley sleeve made of ocean plastics! - all topped with a bamboo lid. I especially like that this bottle fits snugly in must cupholders.

    GIVE BACK STORY: The B-Corp certified company donates a portion of proceeds to charity: water and works to offset its emissions with conservation-based forestry. In addition, the company’s code of conduct sets standards for labor practices, sustainability, transparency, animal-welfare, and anti-discrimination policies.

  • Corkcicle Canteens - Corkcicle started in the wine biz (a company after my own heart) with its in-bottle wine chiller known today as the Corkcicle Air. Soon after, they entered the world of reusable hydration vessels and created their beautiful canteens that come in a variety of colors and patterns inspired by premiere artist collaborations.

    GIVE BACK STORY: In keeping with what is almost a reusable water bottle industry standard, Corkcicle donates 5% of e-commerce sales to charity: water as well, an organization that funds bringing clean water to those who need it most.

  • KOR Water - The design-driven reusable water bottle company raises functional water-bottle creation to an art form all while keeping mother earth in mind. The ergnomic design of their flagship “The ONE” bottle features a cushioned base, hygienic spout and opening large enough for ice but small enough to chug.

    GIVE BACK STORY: While the company started with give back programs to support sustainability and environmental initiatives, today the operate a “buy a bottle, give a bottle” platform that provides one reusable bottle to a person in need for every bottle sold, based on the knowledge that reusable bottles are among the most requested items at homeless shelters.