What is Eco-Friendly Travel? Voting with your dollars.

When I quit my career earlier this year to explore writing and consulting opportunities related to eco-friendly living, I had one main goal - I wanted to help people choose better with the money they spend, and use each dollar to vote for a cleaner, greener future. As I work to build Earth Regarded Travel, this is still one of my primary goals. Today for World Tourism Day, I’m breaking down what that concept looks like when it comes to our travel.

The fact is, there are as many ways to define eco-friendly travel as there are eco-friendly living. For many, the term brings to mind a scenic camping trip in the National Parks, or going off-the-grid in a remote beach resort. These trips certainly fit the bill. However, what I seek to do with Earth Regarded Travel is help every traveler - no matter their destination - make sure they are supporting hotels, restaurants and local businesses that are ethical and actively working to improve our environment. This could be a hotel that has banned all single-use plastic, a restaurant that doesn’t just source local ingredients but works to establish urban farms in its community, a local shop that only sells products made by women (since supporting women and girls is essential to tackling climate change).

I’ve only attended one event at this year’s World Tourism Day Forum so far, and already I’ve met so many incredibly inspiring people making sustainable travel de rigeuer for the tourism industry. With Earth Regarded Travel I hope to connect travelers to these people and empower them to make conscious choices at every step of their journey, putting the money they spend to work for the future and for the communities they visit.