Living Your Values + A Special Announcement

This week I celebrated my birthday, and so of course I’ve been feeling very deep and reflective about my last lap around the sun. I probably say this every year, but this last year was pretty crazy. It has also been the year I started finally feeling confident in myself as a result of one specific change - It’s the year I committed to finally living my life according to my values.

I heard someone (I think it was my yoga teacher) once define confidence as when your inner self most closely aligns with your outer self. In other words, when you live every day guided by the things you most value in your heart. In my case these things are family, friends, honesty, humility and the health of our planet.

It sounds so simple on paper, and if you asked me in my 20s if I was living according to my values I probably would’ve answered yes, without really understanding what that meant. Really, for most of my 20s I lived my life according to what I thought other people thought was valuable - things like making money, being fit and attractive, or having an active social life.

When I moved to San Diego just after turning 30 it felt like a fresh start, and a time to really dig deep and figure out what life I wanted to create. In the two years I lived there I spent a lot of time journaling, meditating and talking to my closest friends about what I really wanted to do, and who I wanted to be. Pretty soon it was clear I was in the wrong job, spending money on the wrong things and drinking, and bingeing the WRONG amount of alcohol…not to mention Netflix.

At this point I just got really, really depressed. I felt overwhelmed and trapped in my current circumstance and couldn’t see a way out. Luckily, at the time I was a publicist for some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. I would coach them through interviews telling the story of how they decided to quit their job to start a business they believed in. I edited their interview responses describing the fear they had to overcome to continue on that path, and the people who doubted them along the way.

This, in addition to a network of supportive friends and family I am forever grateful for, allowed me to realize that whatever it was I wanted to do next, as long as I used my values as guide posts I would be WAY happier than I was. That’s when I decided to quit my job, move home and find a more authentic path…without knowing the next step (I talk about this more on this episode of the Caught in the Middle Podcast).

Now I am another year older, I am blogging about something I value deeply and working every day to live authentically according to what I believe in. I have also decided on a focus for Earth Regarded…By January 2020 (fingers crossed) Earth Regarded will transition to become an eco-friendly travel-curation business, a resource for those who want to travel more consciously and sustainably, but don’t know where to start. I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned from my years working in the food, travel and wellness industries as well as my more recent experience as an eco-living advocate, writer and, well, traveler. While I hope to generate profit, my main goal is to empower as many people as possible to travel lightly and give back to a world that gives us so much.

Stay tuned for updates on a forthcoming newsletter full of eco-travel tips, guides and freebies!

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