5 Companies Making Jewelry from Ocean Plastic

There’s no better way to remind yourself and those around you about the piles of plastic contaminating our oceans than to wear that reminder on your arm every day. Jewelry made from ocean plastic not only serves to help clean our oceans, but can become a powerful symbol of the problem that might, in turn, encourage others to become a part of the solution.

If you stand to see another photo of a sea turtle choking on a plastic straw, a whale dead from too much plastic in her belly or a seal strangled by fishing net, consider using your dollars to support one of these five amazing businesses, all of which create beautiful and unique jewelry made from plastic detritus salvaged from the ocean.

  1. 4Oceans - After traveling to Bali for a surf trip, co-founders Alex and Andrew were horrified to find once-pristine water and beaches littered in plastic. They asked locals why no one was cleaning it up, and were informed the beaches are cleaned every day…but more kept coming. 4Oceans works to create demand for ocean plastic by making bracelets made from salvaged debris. They pay local fisherman, who weren’t making money catching fish, to fish for plastic instead thereby simultaneously helping the local economy. I got my orange and blue bracelets today and don’t think i’ll ever take them off.

  2. La Garza Bermuda - This Bermudan-born and raised artist creates bold, colorful jewelry made from sea plastics and coated in bio resin to create a quality that shimmers like a stone. The upcycled plastic jewelry helps remove plastic from the ocean and the colorful, attention-grabbing designs bring awareness to this global crisis.

  3. Planet Love Life - While plastic straws may be the popularized-problem, if you really want to help reduce ocean plastic - cut wild-caught fish from your diet. Did you know fishing nets account for nearly HALF of all ocean plastic? Planet Love Life creates beautiful bracelets made from lost and discarded fishing nets salvaged by cleanup volunteers and hand crafted by local artisans.

  4. Nurdle in the Rough - In addition to creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from ocean plastics and recycled sterling silver, founder Kat Crabhill regularly participates in solo and community beach clean-ups and donates 10% of proceeds to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, an organization that has removed 400,000 lbs of plastic from the ocean to date.

  5. Plastic Oceanic - Plastic Oceanic was also created by surfers and ocean lovers as a way to help mitigate the plastic pollution problem. Their shimmery, stained-glass-looking jewelry pieces, like this stunning necklace and pendant, are made from ocean plastic.