Looking For The Helpers: My Sisters

There are so many ways my life is #blessed, but there are three blessings in particular for which I feel compelled to thank my lucky stars on an almost daily basis - my sisters. I honestly do not know how I could do this life without them. And when it comes to something as challenging as eco-conscious living, we can use all the support we can get.

Let’s face it - committing to living an eco-friendly lifestyle is TOUGH. While things are starting to change for the better, the consumer marketplace is designed to be cost-effective and convenient. This means doing the RIGHT thing for the planet often means doing the HARD (or more expensive) thing. Needless to say, it can feel draining after a while (in more ways than one…).

Yet seemingly without fail, whenever I feel tempted to buy that individually-wrapped cookie at the coffee shop or a general feeling of “what’s the point” starts to creep up on me, my sisters find ways to keep me on track. Their endless support makes it all too clear how important it is to find like-minded peers when committing to eco and ethical consumer decisions. Find yours by joining a beach or trail clean-up, shopping at sustainable fashion stores or joining eco-living groups online.

Below are just a few examples of what an eco-minded sisterhood can do for you:

  • We share tips and recipes for DIY beauty or cleaning products

  • We can collectively test and compare notes on the best package-free, eco-friendly and ethical products faster than if it was just me

  • Our group-text doubles as text therapy when one of us is feeling down about the state of our planet (among other life struggles)

  • They call me on my BS whether i’m being too lazy to do the right thing or acting a bit too holier-than-thou when I do

  • They keep me honest - when I find a new brand I think is great they challenge me on how it was made and how it got to my home to make sure I’m really thinking these things through

  • Their example has taught me how to recycle, how to keep compost from smelling up a small apartment, how to shop at the goodwill, how to cook a delicious vegan meal and so much more!

I decided recently that in addition to writing about the companies and products working hardest for our environment, I want to shine a light on the individuals helping to make an impact - the “helpers” as Mr. Rogers (and his mom) calls them - and I couldn’t think of three better helpers to kick this off than my very own #girlgang.